So many people See, yet so little Observe.


“I don’t take my shirt off and run around on a beach.” 



Filming of the Pilot (&)

#i feel    #so weird    #they were strangers here guys    #they had no idea who the other was they were two random guys    #filming the first episode of some show    #god   

complete strangers and then 3 episodes in we get this

Fun fact: In between filming the pilot and the second episode, Jared and Jensen got jumped outside a bar and pretty much literally saved each others lives.

This is what I imagined happened immediately after:



every drawing book ever


every drawing book ever


john and greg are in a bar, the phone rings. greg answers and then hands the phone to john saying, “it’s your boyfriend”. john takes the phone and makes a face. “he’s not my boyfriend,” he says and then puts the phone to his ear. “hi babe”.



And people wonder why I love Wonder Woman so much.



my talents include stress eating and falling in love with people that will never love me back


this is my favorite tweet of 2014


this is my favorite tweet of 2014

In case anyone is having a bad night:



Here is the fudgiest brownie in a mug recipe I’ve found

Here are some fun sites

Here is a master post of Adventure Time episodes and comics

Here is a master post of movies including Disney and Studio Ghibli

Here is a master post of other master posts to TV shows and movies

*tucks you in with fuzzy blanket* *pats your head*

You’ll be okay, friend <3

i will reblog this everytime it shows up because any of my followers could have a bad night right now




So when boys want to wear tank tops, it’s okay, but when I want to do it, it’s indecent and my shoulders are going to give every boy in a 20-mile radius a boner?

if your underage and its a professional environment, wear professional clothing. women have sexual organs on their top half, men don’t, don’t you know biology??

breasts aren’t sexual organs and neither are shoulders do everyone a favor staple your hands to your ass